Friday, February 26, 2010

Poster Sketch

I love to play with postersketch. Since I've been too busy to catch a treasury, I thought I would share the contents of my postersketch with you. Thinking about a St. Patrick's Day parade. We are usually there, freezing our buns off. The early Spring this year has me hopeful though.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Tote Pattern

New Tote
Originally uploaded by studiocherie
Black and white damask print available at Buttercuppity online and in person at Steam Plant Square downtown Spokane. If you see a chick parading around Spokane with this bag, that's me. I am making more to offer in my online shop, so if you have a color request, let me know. I can hardly wait to stock up on these. Zipper closure, so you can carry it everywhere. Pattern available in PDF format now. This was such a blast for me to figure out and write. I hope lots of you get the pattern and share your versions with me on Flickr.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Like Goldilocks

This one is too messy. This one is too pretty. This one is just right. My latest PDF pattern was born out of a Goldilocks moment. I have been using (and stabbing myself with and stepping on pins because of) the magnetic pin holder on the left for a few years. I had the wonderful experience this year of having Ragnazidnar for my secret Santa. She made me the gorgeous pin cushion in the middle. Every time I used it, I was afraid I was going to mess up her lovely embroidery. I want to save that one as a decorative element in my sewing room. Obviously, I needed to make myself a pin cushion I would actually use. This one has multiple uses. First of all, it holds pins and there is no chance of my having any of them pointing sharp side up, or falling off onto the floor. Secondly, it cleans and sharpens pins because it is filled with emery sand. Thirdly, it weighs enough to be used as a paperweight in my sewing room. I decorated it with a "bubbles in my coffee design." Some say that bubbles in your coffee fortell coming into fortune. Well at $3.99 a piece for the pattern, maybe not a fortune, but maybe some cups of coffee - with bubbles please.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

What would you do?

What would you do to win a new tool of your trade? I would leave a blog comment, sign up for a newsletter, become a facebook fan, embed a video, and do a blog post. Here it is. These cute twins are the portal to 2 new sewing machines for 2 lucky winners. Pick me! Pick me! Fun video. They are a few steps ahead of me in their video productions - obviously. But - and I have to say this - please stop pushing the fabric through that machine! Let the machine do its work. Okay, I will stop now. Here is where to go to enter the drawing.