Saturday, May 18, 2013

Jean-ius, really

Online Sewing Class Video classes on Craftsy are awesome! This one is Kenneth D. King walking you through taking all of the information off of your favorite pair of jeans and transferring it onto a pattern you can use again and again to make perfect jeans in every color. I love it. He is fun to watch. The set up is brilliant: you can ask questions and see questions and answers from other students, make your own notes that stay with the video so you can refer to them later - like marking a place you want to come back to, and you can watch the lessons any time, forever.
I have purchased almost a dozen classes on - crochet and cake decorating for my daughter:

Online Crochet Class Online Cake Decorating Class
For myself, various sewing things and, and this one, a class on how to teach a craft class. I would highly recommend it if you want to teach your craft. I am hoping to film a craftsy class myself one day. Of all of the things I do, from furniture to little wallets, what would you like to see me teach on video? Visit me on Facebook, and let's talk about it.
From time to time, Craftsy has a sale on classes. I think there is one going on now. You will love it. Oh, and that is guaranteed. Craftsy