Monday, August 4, 2014

The Internet verses The Outernet

The most up-to-date info on what I am doing is now found on my Facebook page. For me, that is the most efficient way to post photos and tiny updates. I think it is the way I am reaching the most people too. So if you don't follow me yet on FB, please do.
If you are reading this, I am sure you struggle with how much time you spend on the internet verses how many things you need to accomplish in the outernet, aka the real world, the physical realm. Actually, the internet is a real world and we need to operate in it. The question is always how to do so without it sucking up the whole day. I do have a smart phone, but I am not glued to it - that helps. Everything is bigger and better on my PC, so when I am in the outerverse, I can talk or text as necessary, but I save any navigation or online interaction including Facebook for when I am on the PC. I am in a minority. I am blown away by the number of people using mobile devices to buy things. When they do this, they are not reading descriptions. Sometimes they don't even know what they bought. As an online retailer, I have to try to cram all of my pertinent info into a single photo to capture that audience - like, yeah.  About 1/2 of my Etsy business is done on mobile devices. If you have an Etsy shop, now is the time to optimize for mobile. I uploaded a video to Facebook that is optimized for mobile devices, so this is one to watch from your tablet or phone. I am talking about and showing my different travel bags.
Blogs are still bomdiggity for building an audience in the sewing world, but I wonder how Facebook is catching up to that for other seamsters out there. I may have to interview someone.
For those of you who don't Facebook, here is the lowdown on my recent releases and upcoming works:
New pattern -  Cathedral Style Table Runner (instructions also given for turning it into a quilt) This is an update and slight improvement on the technique I used to make the cathedral style tote back in 2010. It is a fun and quick project that I think will put you in a holiday decorating mood.
New in the Simplicity catalog - #1335 chairs pattern.
I have testers working on my first garment pattern release, so we are getting close on that. It's a fun and easy skirt that I think everyone will love.
The Simplicity Fall catalog will have 2 new patterns from me in it. Mother, daughter, doll aprons. And casserole carriers. I will show pattern covers for those when I get them.
The Spring Simplicity catalog will have a diaper pattern pack from me. I will put the bag out in PDF format too.
I have a wingback chair to cover so I can better help all of my Craftsy class people who are doing wingbacks. Photos will pop up over on my Facebook page as I get to that.
Of course my son's birthday is this month, so I better get his backpack made and write that pattern too. LOL, that is so 3 years ago so I better finally do it this year. He wore this one out, so I have heavy duty cordura for this years version.
I updated the duffle pattern again, so if you are on Craftsy, you will get a notice. If you have already made the bag, you obviously do not need the new pattern. The bag is the same. I just made the instructions a little better for those who have not yet sewn it. There are 2 parts explained differently, the strap is now done the way I did it for the trolley duffle pattern sewing it into a loop before you attach it to the bag. And the pleated pocket is explained a lot better. I hardly ever got questions about it, but I thought it needed improving so I did it. The bag will still come out the same.
Back to the outernet and bye for now.