Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Winners are...

The three winners of a free PDF pattern were chosen at and they are: Kimmy Anne (I will have to find out what pattern she wants) Swaddle Babies who wants the clutch pattern, and Jen who will also be receiving the clutch pattern. Congratulations, ladies!

I appreciate all of your input. I am working on the duffle pattern now.
I have an interesting sketch done of the vendor apron, but that will take a while to get from sketch to prototype, to finished product, to pattern. I think you will like it once it happens though.
For my friend Ginny, I do have some gifts for boys in mind and your artists bag will be a great one, eventually.
All of my pillows are currently in process for patterns, including the ones you mentioned.
The sling style backpack is in process as well.
You all have wonderful ideas that have got me thinking... and making new things. Thank you!

Any of you who entered but did not win are welcome to click on my PDF pattern section and buy one pattern and receive a second one (equal or lesser value) free as a thank you for entering. Just tell me in the notes to seller what your choice is for the free PDF.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Time to vote me onto Martha for reals

Etsy announced in the Storque that it is time for people to go and vote for their favorite entries in the Martha Stewart Weddings craft contest. As far as I can tell, it is a rating system, so you can vote for more than one person, just rate the items up to 5 stars. I was thrilled to discover today that the bride who ordered the peacock clutches that I entered commented on my entry! If you go there to rate my entry, you can read her comment. You will have to sign up for the site in order to rate the entries, but I found that very easy to do, and you can opt out of the mailings, etc. so there will be no repercussions. Here is the direct link to my entry on the Martha Stewart Weddings site.

After School Snack

The other day I made these jello parfaits and spead a blanket in the back yard for a little after school picnic with the kids. It was wonderful to stop working for a while, step outside the house, and relax with the kids, giving them my full attention and listening to them as they recounted their school day. It set a harmonic tone for the afternoon and evening, and was well worth the 15 minutes of prep and half an hour of break time. Gabrielle and I were so full from our treat that after the boys had wandered off, she and I lay on the blanket holding hands and staring at the sky. In that blissful state, we watched some baloons floating higher and higher and wondered, from where had they escaped?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Terms of Engagement, Rules of Endearment

Custom Silhouette Couple Portrait by jennyleefowler

A question I dwell on: Can I engage my audience in a meaningful way? Since the rise of social media, business has become all about the conversations we have with one another. In the last several days, I have come across three very effective examples of successful engagement. Read it and reap.
tote by HautTotes

HautTotes uses Twitter to make sales in the wake of a widely tweeted giveaway.
Some of us would have settled for the resulting followers from such a stunt, but Mellissa had higher expectations and greater results.
Read her forum post on how she did it.
In light of her successful promotion, I have upped the ante on my current giveaway and am offering 2 patterns for the price of 1 to anyone who enters.

sheet of digital images by Piddix

Piddix is one of the top shops on Etsy.
Corinna details for us in this forum post how she answered the questions: Who are you? and How can I serve you?
I highly recommend her course of action. Personally, I am taking my time putting this one together. Now that I have a year of selling patterns under my belt, I want to hit the target with the questions I ask so it is more than a fishing expedition. I think Corinna used the information she gleaned very well. What a great example for us all.

If you sell high-end items, you may need to get creative in what you choose to giveaway.
This is where scoutie girl can help get the ideas flowing. Her giveaway is a couple of craft magazines, but she takes it beyond and engages the entrants by asking them to promote their own work in their entries. Tara knows her audience, Etsy sellers, and knows how to help them, promotion. I entered her giveaway and found myself promoted on her blog. Now she has another loyal reader (me) who will continue to engage in conversation with her on Facebook and on her blog. So while we tweet and facebook and blog, let us also engage and listen to our friends and follwers. It just happens to be good business.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

reaching inside

reaching inside
Originally uploaded by studiocherie
I am grateful to have a talented husband to make photographs for me. I also adore my semi-patient children. In this shot, Gabrielle held the light reflector relatively still and Caleb was making a (very shakey) video of the photo shoot. As soon as we released them from their duties, they found some squirrels actively nesting which was vastly more interesting to them than launching a new product.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Win a Free PDF Sewing Pattern

This giveaway it open to anyone in the world with an email address. Three winners will be chosen by random from entries. Here is what you have to do. Visit my shop and browse by category, then come back here and leave a comment to tell me what you would like to see me make into a PDF pattern. It does not have to be something I already sell in my shop. It could be something you've always wanted to make and you want to have access to an affordable pattern for it. When you leave your comment, let me know which pattern you want for a prize. It can be anything from this section of my shop. Also leave me your email address, so I know where to send the prize! The winners will be announced here on September 16th. Get an extra entry by sharing this giveaway on Twitter or by sharing it with a sewing group in person or online. Just leave a second comment telling me where and how you shared it. Now, for all of the entrants who do not win a free pattern, I will send you 2 patterns for the price of 1, anytime from now through the 22nd. Just mention blog in your notes to seller and tell me what you want for your free PDF on the buy one get one offer. Thanks for all of your great feedback so far.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This is why I am on Facebook

You don't get this kind of personal content elsewhere. My dear, beautiful, and fabulous friend, Kathleen, posted this on facebook. A friend of hers got arrested while helping the homeless. I am passing it on here because I think a lot of you will love it like I do. This is why I am on Facebook.