Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This dress makes me feel like...

Amazon woman.
I can't believe he just took that picture!
(Secretly glad he did though.)
Now for the pattern review... Simplicity 7707 from 1976. I just read on the SewMamaSew blog, in this great post from Mena Trott, that you want to pay attention to the era when working with vintage patterns. She likes the 1940's patterns for their judicious use of fabric. This dress called for over 3 yards of fabric (I might have been arrested in war time for using that much fabric on myself.) I made it with 2 yards. (Note to self: need older patterns - not more fabric.) The pattern was really easy and I made it in a couple of hours.

Before you try this at home, here are few things to consider:
1. It may look like a sundress, but it's not.
- Your entire waist as well as your thighs (except in Sumo-Mode) will be covered in a double layer of fabric.
-If you make it according to the instructions (which I did not - this will not surprise anyone who knows me) you will also have a double layer of fabric on the entire bodice. This will make the layers on your waist total 4. Not lining the bodice saved me about a yard of fabric.
-It has full coverage on the back as well. Not very sundressy.

2. You will want either a matching bra (because it will show a little on the sides) or you will want to wear a blouse underneath. More layers! I think this is a great dress for a woman who works in an office with the A/C running full blast. You can look breezy while keeping warm.

3. The mid calf length is just too much for all of this fabric. I took 5" off the pattern. I will probably take another couple of inches off to modernize it more.

4. There is a totally unnecessary seam in the middle of the bodice. I set the stitching line on the fold and cut it out on the fold instead.

5. Unless you want to look like a dork, you will have to change the neckline. (Did I just say that? It's the end of the day, and my powers of delicate speech have diminished.)

Overall, I think this dress is a neat idea that I will re-work again soon. Much lighter fabric than this heavy linen blend (I swear it must be linen blended with goose down, it is so hot.) I am on the lookout for cotton lawn with an old fashioned french vibe. Gotta have me some of that je ne sais quois.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

CIC Saturday

To find more fun stuff from the Crafting in Color team, type CIC Team in the search bar on Etsy. These items caught my eye this week.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

In the company of sweetness

So, yay! I was on Etsy's front page, and I sold a bunch of patterns, but look at how sweet the whole page was. A kitten adopted us a few days ago. Don't you just love that cat photo? We are calling our new cat sweetie. She probably calls us sucka.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Alchemy the meerkat from NiftyKnits

The first thing we did when we got Alchemy in the mail was to sit down and watch some Meerkat Manor on YouTube. We were hooked. I finally understood how these nifty knitted meerkats have taken off and become such a huge product and fabulous source of publicity for Nifty Heather. Since we don't have TV, we had never seen Meerkat Manor. YouTube doesn't have full episodes, so we are all dying to know what happened when the Commandos attacked. The second thing we did was to oooh and aaah over all of the cool things he came with from his travels. If you click on the photo, it will take you to Flickr where I have added notes to all of the items showing what they are and who they are from. Nifty will be hosting a big giveaway for the entire package from her traveling meerkat fanpage on Facebook - probably from Twitter too and from her blog. The third thing we did was Gabrielle took Alchemy to school for show and tell. Most of her classmates were already hooked on meerkat manor and thought Alchemy was the bomb. G is really hoping we win the prize so Nifty will have to ship him right back to us. Each of the items in the giveaway has its own charm and personality. Nifty Heather is in for a real treat when she sees this sampler of American Etsy and we were all treated to a little taste of the UK and a nose for viral marketing courtesy of NiftyKnits.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Blue houndstooth skirt

Blue houndstooth skirt
Originally uploaded by studiocherie
I love my patchwork skirt so much I knew I wanted to do more. I did not realize that I would love the next three skirts even better. For the full photo shoot at Manito Park with all three skirts, click on the photo and check them out on Flickr. I am adding them to my shop as made to measure items. I want to get a few satisfied customers of various sizes under my belt before I write up the pattern.