Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fleece Jackets

Handy pockets
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Having fun with my jacket pattern. I am using the same pattern I drafted for the jackets I have at Brandybuck - with a few changes. Loving the in seam pockets - which also creates a secret inside pocket. And the full zipper. Rory pointed out that I used Howard Johnson colors on this one. I laughed and thought maybe I should name it the HoJo Jacket. Maybe the HoJo look will get me a spot on Regretsy. Really, I think it is a stunning jacket and would be great for a runner. I will have to pull out the day-glo yellow with that in mind. When I can carve out the time, I will publish this one as a pattern. Taking orders for the jackets themselves at Brandybuck. In your color choice of course. Maybe there is a classier motel you would like to match? Although when I think of the Anaheim HoJo, it's all good times.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Sewing Class at Gonzaga University

These 9 enthusiastic young women were sewing like mad yesterday when I visited Summer Berry's studio at Gonzaga University. They are using my fast fingerless mitts pattern to make fingerless gloves for the homeless in Spokane. Learning to sew and learning to give to the community - this is what we all love about Summer Berry - her great teaching and her caring heart.