Friday, May 26, 2017

Pratesi Linen from Marcy Tilton Fabrics

I modeled this shirt briefly before mailing it off to my Brandybuck Clothiers customer. I love this new Italian linen from Marcy Tilton. This is the flax color. I failed miserably trying to make perfect pleats in the front, so I sent the fabric to Alice to recut and sew. She made it perfect and I bowed down to her when I picked it up. One of the things I love about this fabric is the 106" width. Keep that in mind when you see the price. It really is a reasonable price.

I found this dried maple tree flower on my patio table this morning and photographed it on the white linen. I think you will love these fabrics like I do. We may play with dying the white for some Summer fun.

If you want a perfectly pleated shirt (we also do them in dress length) I sell them at Brandybuck Clothiers. The womens have bust darts, but otherwise, they have mens shirt styling with big arm holes and a bit of a drop shoulder. The collars are big too.