Wednesday, October 21, 2015

And the winner is

Rozy Rosly from my email newsletter list is the winner of the free Craftsy Upholstery class! Thank you to all of you who emailed me and messaged me to put your name in the hat. I think you will all love Cynthia's class. Here is my affiliate link again to the upholstery class.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Learn How to Upholster Win a Free Craftsy Class

Learn how to use the tools and materials that you need to professionally cover your own furniture.

See all the information you need in the best video format ever devised for learning. Access whenever you want, forever. Take notes and ask questions while you watch.

It is like being inside an expert's workshop and getting hands on with them. 
Cynthia Bleskachek
is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher. Click on her name to read her bio. I think you will fall in love with her as I have. She has a real heart for her work and true talent. I can't think of anyone better to learn from. I won't lie, doing upholstery is hard work. But there is something so satisfying about being able to restore a well built piece of furniture to it's former glory and maybe even make it better than ever with fabric you love. To win her wonderful class, just post a comment here or email me. I will pick a winner on Wednesday the 21st and put you in touch with Cynthia to collect your free class. If you want to purchase her class, this is my affiliate link.  I think you'll also enjoy keeping up with her Facebook page, she posts lots of photos of the great furniture she is working on.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Pattern Review Sewing Bee Round 3

My entry to the sewing bee, round 3. This is my pattern review entry. The Moto jacket that Janet Pray teaches in her Craftsy class: Sew Better Sew Faster - Smart Construction. (affiliate link) I am really enthusiastic about the class. Sewing along with it was just like going to a live class and having the designer walk you through their pattern. There were just a couple of times where I didn't understand exactly what she said, but when I looked  at the pattern guide that came with it, I was back on track. I hadn't sewn a lined jacket since high school. Does anyone remember me going to school Junior year in my pastel yellow suit? I love my new jacket. It is perfectly cozy for the chill we are starting to feel about now. My version is a little different from the pattern that comes with the class. If you want to make my version, you can download my collar pattern and the lapel change at Google Drive. My jacket is a size medium, so keep that in mind as you work with the pattern changes, you may have to tweak it a little as you go.

This is the inside view of the jacket, lined in silk. Since the outside is a gorgeous italian wool, I wanted the inside to be equally luxurious.

Monday, September 28, 2015

How to Have a Yoga Body Part 5

This is Padangustasana, toe stand. I love it because it is all about having balance through focus

Drishti is a Sanskrit word that comes from yoga. The practice of Drishti is a gazing technique that develops concentration and teaches you to see the world as it really is. In yoga, drishti is a point of focus where the gaze rests during a posture and meditation practice--gazing outward while bringing awareness inward.

How to have a yoga body? Practice, practice, practice.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Customizing My Dressform

Me today with bigger (July) me
Did I mention I have recently lost 30 pounds? Makes me glad I never made my padded dressform permanent. I had been feeling like I was wearing a quilt on my body. I opted for an easy way to make my dressform conform to my measurements when I was big. I added batting to it and popped over a tank top to keep it in place.  Getting ready for the sewing bee challenge number 3, a lined jacket, I needed to update my dressform to match my updated body.
I am holding all of the batting that came off. Yay!
With fresh measurements and updated dressform, I am ready for the next challenge.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Pattern Review Sewing Bee Entry Number 2

I am proud of my self restraint not going crazy all over the fabric like I did with my colorful jacket in the Spring. I hope it is enough to make it through to the next round. You can get an idea of my process in the next couple of photos. I love my new dress. Check out the other entries. The deadline is mid-week I think, so there could be up to 50 entries by then.  There are already some show stopping pieces posted.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Pattern Review Sewing Bee Challenge number 2

Last year I didn't get this far because I am not always good at following directions - maybe that is why I write them? Round 1 was making a fitted blouse, you can see my pattern review here. 

 For round 2, we were asked to embellish some fabric and make a garment out of the new textile we create. These are the techniques I have ruled out.
 #1 hand embroidery - I can't even show you a photo of how bad I am at this, but I did poke around at it on Sunday night. 10 days is not enough for me to get good at this, so not going there.  Sorry Natalie Chanin, I love your work and the class of yours I took, but I will have to continue to admire your craft from afar for now.

#2 texturizing:  I have a polka dot fabric that will eventually be used as a muslin. The dots were much bigger than I realized when I chose the fabric online. I could not wear this fabric as it is, so I thought to shrink down the dots by hand stitching around them and gathering. It is a really cool effect, but it would shrink my 2 yards down to 1/2 a yard. It could be a really fun scarf, but I can't enter an accessory in the challenge. It has to be a garment.

#3 ticker tape quilting
I love it, especially the bright sample on the left. Lord knows I have fabric scraps for it. If it were Spring, I would make a skirt out of this for my entry.  So I looked at it in more seasonal colors, but this one one the right is not really photogenic.
I need something graphic for this online competition.

If you are not already following the Pattern Review Sewing Bee, I invite you to check it out and see the wonderful items being made. Pattern review is a great place to learn more about sewing and about specific patterns too.
I think I have decided on my project. I will show it off when I am finished.