Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Easy How To Tuxedo Ruffle Tee Shirt

Don't tell Gabrielle. This is going to be one of her Christmas presents. It looks great with the turquoise velour pants and jacket that I got to coordinate.

Step one: Plan - I wanted the central row of ruffles to be 7" long, then a 6" row on either side, and then a 5" row on either side of those.

Step two: Cut bias strips. I made the strips 1.25" wide. The length of each strip is 2 times what you need the finished length to be.

Step three: Draw a line down the center of each strip.

Step four: Finish the edges of the strips. I just zig-zagged them.

Step five: Stitch 1/4" wide elastic to the wrong side of fabric, down the center of each strip. I used my new elastic foot that I got from http://www.creativesewingsolutions.com/ at Hancock for 1/2 off. Here is where you will use that line you drew to make sure the elastic goes down the center of the strips and doesn't stray. Keep the elastic stretched both in front of and behind the needle. Stretch it out as far as it will stretch as you zig-zag the length of your strips.

I am no good at getting even gathers unless I use elastic. This is what I use to gather skirts for tea party chairs too.

Step six: Pin in place on tee shirt. The edge of one ruffle will come right to the edge of elastic on the next row. This way you have fullness that you can fluff out after stitching them in place.

To stitch these in place, I am using small buttons and stitching one through the center of the ruffle (which will include the elastic) about every inch. I didn't have time to finish today because the kids have early dismissal at school, and I have to hide it now.

Love to see tuxedo ruffles popping up all over the place. That's one thing I missed all during the '90's - ruffles! Here are some great ruffles from other independent designers.

CalicoFlamingo Little Girls Ruffled Pants

Ruffled Fleece Sweater by Rebecca's Art Closet

Jacket by idea2lifestyle


Kim Caro said...

its called whipped cream :)

StudioCherie said...

Thanks, Kim. I was thinking of it as more of a spaghetti sauce camouflage than whipped cream. But I don't watch TV. Thanks for letting me know that was a Will and Grace reference.

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Megan said...

Love it. And I love that ruffled plaid sweater by Rebecca's Art Closet.