Saturday, June 5, 2010

Blue houndstooth skirt

Blue houndstooth skirt
Originally uploaded by studiocherie
I love my patchwork skirt so much I knew I wanted to do more. I did not realize that I would love the next three skirts even better. For the full photo shoot at Manito Park with all three skirts, click on the photo and check them out on Flickr. I am adding them to my shop as made to measure items. I want to get a few satisfied customers of various sizes under my belt before I write up the pattern.


mkhquilts said...

Cherie-You are a great model, and those outfits are wonderful! I really like the skirt with the green stripy print. Very pretty.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore this! And I understand wanting to make sure that pattern is tested and true. I'm still too afraid to try clothes for adults for that very reason. :P

Waterrose said...

What wonderful skirt! and, it's so good to see you on twitter!

Unknown said...

This style is so cute! I think I might look like a bolster though. There is a lot more of me than there is of you!