Monday, August 23, 2010

Stop and smell the butter

5 dollar bouquet
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Over the weekend, we celebrated Christians 16th birthday at Kells Irish Pub in Post Alley at Pike Place Market. As we came down the hill, Rory and I were both pulled into Le Panier by the buttery scent coming from their ovens. Over the next couple of hours we enjoyed a chocolatine, an almondine, and a napoleon as we strolled the market. The best deal is still these fabulous bouquets for $5. As you can see, this one was exactly my style. I will be writing about this trip for writers group which I will be missing tonight since we are not back on the road home yet. And the post I had intended for today will have to wait until tomorrow, when I am at my own computer.

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Laura said...

Le Panier is my hubby's and mine favorite bakery. We always buy almondines and then head over to the M's game. Yum-yum!