Saturday, April 9, 2011

carpet making school Egypt

One of our stops in Egypt was this carpet making school. The kids who attend here have regular schooling 4 hours a day, then carpet school another 4 hours. They start at about 10 years old. They are privileged to be able to learn a trade. Working class in Egypt is more how we think of middle class. The instructor asked for a volunteer to tie a knot in the carpet. My hand shot up - no surprise to anyone. I think he was prepared for a longer lesson. I sat on the long, low bench next to a first year student the same age as my daughter. I watched as he walked her through the steps one by one, then I picked up a silk thread and made my knot in the carpet. You've done this before? he asks. Nope, I am just quick like that. After the lesson, we were treated to the showroom where all of the carpets I wanted were $12-14,000 US. Maybe next trip... I do see the work that goes into them, and it is not something I am tempted to make myself...but I could if I wanted to. After all, I had one lesson.

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