Monday, February 18, 2013

Zip Around Wallet

    This is the next pattern coming out - the zip around wallet. I want to thank my friend Janet for thinking of me when she needed this. Janet told me all of the things she needed this wristlet to do and carry for her daughter who is in college. I thought it sounded like a great pattern, so I took on the custom project. I thought I would use this project to talk about how I develop patterns.
    The original bag, for Janet, was made specifically to the sizes she specified and with the pockets she needed. I never questioned that. I just made her what she asked for and I started to write the pattern.
    As I made the next one pink with someone else in mind, and started getting excited about making one for myself too, I looked at it with fresh eyes. I don't like how you have to fold money to slide it into the money pockets. It is only 1/4 of an inch too short, so I decided to make it longer. Then it's only another 1/4 to make it big enough to handle a check book. I carry a check book, so I am making it long enough for a check book. I will add a loop for holding a pen too.
    As it is, I think the hinged, zippered change pocket on the inside is too long, so I need to modify that. Maybe with the extra space I will add a little pocket for earbuds? Mine is already in the works with the large change pocket, so I will try it out for a while before changing it. I don't carry earbuds.
    What I am trying to say here is that a lot of thought and work goes into perfecting the product itself before I write it up as a pattern. Choosing the best materials for construction, the best - and simplest to explain- methods of construction, sizing, features, highest and best use, all of these things are carefully tested. By the time something comes out in pattern form from me, I believe it is the very best it can be.
    Over on my Facebook page, we have been talking about the phone pocket options for this bag. And on my personal Facebook, we have been discussing the ID pocket. The pattern will have a couple of options for both sides of the bag. Contact me on Facebook if you would like to purchase the pink sample pictured here. I will be offering it at half the price of what the perfected bags will sell for.

      I get a lot of special messages, like this one, from women who appreciate my patterns:
I have been so pleased with your patterns I knew I had to let you know. My family are reaping the benefits of your hard work too... I've been using your patterns to make gifts for them. They've liked them so much they've been requesting more. Your patterns are excellently written and illustrated. Your work has made my experience of creating gifts such a joy. Thank you for sharing your talents! -- Laurie Lou Hood

I am looking forward to launching this pattern. I think it will help a lot of people make some very special gifts this year. Back to the sewing room!
One more thing. I am producing the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 cover stands now. They go together just like the Kindle Fire HD 7pattern, so I may put out a supplement pattern - just pattern pieces for anyone who wants to make these. This is as big as we can go with this product. I get a lot of people asking about doing this for the iPad and I can not make this work for the iPad. That is why I make the carrying bag for the iPad instead. I will be doing a zip around bag sized for the iPad mini - after the zip around wallet.

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Anonymous said...

I really like the looks of the new bag Cherie! It is functional, cute, carries what a girl needs and not cumbersome. A winner!