Tuesday, April 30, 2013

summer pants

summer pants
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I made my favorite pants in a floral voile. Even if I say, "these are not pajamas," nobody believes me. So I am in search of lightweight fabrics for my new favorite Summer pants. I am also adding details to my pattern to make it obvious, "these are not pajamas!" They are as comfy as pajamas, but with tailored lines. My next step is to eliminate the side seam and add a back seam instead.
This fabric is Kaffe Fassett shot cotton in Galvenized. It is made with orange threads and turquoise threads. Together they appear grey. In certain light you get glimpses of color. It is a shirt weight fabric, but that is the point of these pants - to be able to wear pants in the Summer. I will be doing these in handkerchief linen and voile as well. Once I get the pattern to where I want it, I will be making them available as a made to order item in my Brandybuck shop.

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