Sunday, May 4, 2014

How to Raise Up Tables to Counter Top Height

I have a new sewing studio, so I have lots of projects to share for setting up your studio or craft room in a great way. The first thing on my list was to get my work tables up to a good working height - to save my back and neck. I scoured the internet for a good how-to for this project, and found nada. My husband, Rory, had a great idea, so we did it his way. In the photo, you can see me standing at the new working height table which is 35" high. We took the risers off of the cutting table so you could see the original height was 6" lower. I wrote the tutorial as photos, so you can easily share on pinterest.
Raising the folding tables was easier than I thought. Of course, it helps to have a friend with a wood shop. Once they were on their new risers (4x4's glued and screwed together so they were 8 inches tall and holes for the table legs 2 inches deep to hold securely) I could not wait to get skirts on them. The skirts are 34 inch lengths of extra wide fabric  - luckily I had enough - you may need about 10 yards of fabric if you are doing 2 tables like I did. On the backside of what you can see, I have stitched the fabric to Jute webbing. I found double stick duct tape at Lowes and stuck that to the tables, then the jute sticks to the tape.  I love it!  I hope this little how-to helps you upgrade your creative space.

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