Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Online Quilt Festival Large Quilts

I love the idea behind AmysCreativeSide Bloggers Quilt Festival. There are so many beautiful quilts posted there. I hope you will check them out. This quilt started as a drawing for me, a doodle really. Let me see if I can find a picture of it.
That is a page of my doodles. I kept coming back to this woven looking design and liking that is wasn't all uniform. I bought myself The EQ program to see if it could help me turn my drawing into a quilt. It didn't. I ended up writing the pattern by hand. My little 3" x 3" sketch became a 87" x 74" quilt. I also made 2 other quilts in the process of documenting the pattern. I think it is a great one to make something more manly, but the girly version makes me happy on the wall at the head of my bed.

 Check out all of the cool quilts and click through to meet their makers.

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