Friday, August 14, 2015

Working at Home

Here I am in my work at home pajamas. I don't often wear pj's all day but I could. I was keeping these a secret until after my sister's birthday because I made her a silky rayon set with shorts. Next time I work with delicate easily frayed fabrics, I must remember to add extra seam allowance to make french seams or Hong Kong finish. When I do release this it will be the set, pants, shorts and top. I may have to include a tee shirt as an option since the shirt is so bare.
That puts my patterns in process count at 12, I think.  I did get an intern to learn the Cameo digital pattern making software. Unfortunately she is having as hard a time as I did with it. That means my patterns may be hand drawn for a while yet. I would love to find someone who has a real passion for starting a sewing pattern digitizing business and help them get started. Let me know if you know of someone. My intern is still in high school and I could do other things with her. She is not as motivated as I need for the pattern digitizing.
As you can imagine, the process of working up a dozen different patterns has worked me into a standstill in my studio. I just have never been organized enough spatially to keep up will all of the work I can actually juggle. When my cutting table is covered, it is time to stop and regroup.
This Summer has been all about taking time to regroup. My divorce was final on July 2nd. Before you say "I'm sorry," don't. I am happy. It is something I needed and have wanted for a very long time.
I had a great appointment with a professional organizer, and we have a plan. I am looking forward to showing you my newly organized space. The goal is to make it worthy of the cover of Where Women Create. Hopefully, the work we do here getting me organized will inspire you to tweak your space if you need it. I will post progress on Facebook for sure and maybe here too. Friend me over there and like my page so you don't miss anything.
 Meanwhile, my students at Craftsy continue to impress me with their professional looking slipcovers. If you have furniture to cover, I invite you to join us in my online classes and dazzle me. This link is half off my Wingback slipcover class and this one is half off my chairs class that has dining chairs and arm chairs.
One of the many successful student projects from my Craftsy classes


Ginger said...

A pj pattern sounds fun. I made your skirt pattern last week. I love it. I'll be making another. I'll put up a review on craftsy soon.

Unknown said...

Wow! I am going through a divorce after 33 years (27 married) and starting to figure out what's next. Thanks for the inspiration.

StudioCherie said...

I can't wait to see your skirt, Ginger. That is a fun one. I wear mine all of the time.

StudioCherie said...

I am glad to be of any help, anonymous commenter. I've kept it on the down low, but sometimes it seems relevant. 33 years or in my case 25 years is a lot of baggage to leave behind. I feel about 50 pounds lighter though. I hope you will too. Having regular times to visualize letting go or leaving all of the negative behind is a must for me. <>

Ally said...

Hi Cherie,

What problems are you having with the software? I've not used it personally, but have an IT background in my former life. Is it the CAD drawing aspect or the something else?


StudioCherie said...

Ally, Thanks for asking. My interns Dad has done a lot of work in CAD programs and it's not intuitive for him either. It's just very specific and not at all like photoshop or any CAD program. So while we would see a tool and think we could just grab it and use it, it doesn't do what we think it should do. Seems like there are extra steps involved. When I watched the creator of the software use it, she made it look simple and useful, time-saving even. The tutorials drive me nuts too. I don't want to flush $1,000 down the toilet, so I still hope for an ambitious person to come along and learn it. I thought there was a 30 day money back guarantee on it, I called her on day 29, but the guarantee was for 15 days :(