Thursday, March 24, 2016

Sweet Slipcovers Video Number 1

I love this no fuss, easy care slipcover. You need to know just a few tricks to make it. Enjoy!
For those of you who would like a diagram to go with the video, here it is. The measurements shown are what I used for mine. Yours will likely be different. Ways to make the marks shown on the diagram: chalk, temporary pens, fold and press creases into the fabric, or use pins to mark.


fourkid said...

I love your mantra - Dare to Be Adorable! This is very cute. I have never done any of this type of sewing, am math challenged, and a visual learner, so even though each covering will be different, I really could have used the visual of you actually measuring and marking the fabric - especially the corner trims - maybe even if it were added stills. I don't get how a 2 dimensional rectangle can become that 3-D cover and be so even all the way around.

StudioCherie said...

Thanks for your comment. I made a diagram and added it on here for you. I hope it helps!