Thursday, January 5, 2017

Project Quilting Season 8

My friend, Kim Lapacek, has gotten a bit famous for her yearly competition "project quilting." Kim is an amazing quilter who has contagious free spirit. I have been one of her sponsors for the event for a few years. I always love to watch the beautiful projects as they are entered, and sometimes I participate too. There is still time to join in. No one gets eliminated. You can do as many or a few of the challenges as you want.  This first challenge for the 8th season is inspired by the number 8. I googled "8" for inspiration and saw the bagua, which is an 8 sided, 8 colored symbol with a yin/yang at the center. A long time ago, I put out an applique pattern for yin/yang and it's fun to do, so that became my project. I used the harmony pattern enlarged 140% and figured out how to make an octagon out of triangles for the background.  The binding was done by trimming the background fabric after quilting to 3/4" larger than the quilt and then folding over twice.
I posted a few process photos on instagram as I went.  There you can see how at home the finished quilt is on my wall too. The finished piece is about 12" square. Made in Spokane, WA, USA


Trish Frankland said...

Love love it! The idea, and the fabrics, are awesome!

PersimonDreams said...

This is fabulous! I always love when you join in the quilting fun ;) AND HUGE thanks for being such an amazing sponsor and supporter of me through all these years!!!!