Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This is why I am on Facebook

You don't get this kind of personal content elsewhere. My dear, beautiful, and fabulous friend, Kathleen, posted this on facebook. A friend of hers got arrested while helping the homeless. I am passing it on here because I think a lot of you will love it like I do. This is why I am on Facebook.


Unknown said...

Thats absolutely fabulous!!! I hope she posts it on youtube too!

CrazyDaisiesDesigns said...

Cherie, This is amazing! What an eyeopener! So real and so true. How horrible that you can get in trouble for HELPING people!

CRAZY world we live in! Thank you so much for sharing!


Randi said...

Very cool video. I can totally relate. My dad has gotten into some really close calls with the police over the past few years for helping people- weird isn't it?
Truth Ministries Homeless Shelter is a great resource for men to seek shelter for the night or anyone to come in for a meal. My family serves meals there once each week. One World is also a great place for anyone to get a nutritious meal regardless of whether you can pay for it or not.

FishStikks said...

We've had our own issues with helping the homeless here where I live so I've known you can get into trouble just trying to help. I do find it so amazing.

The video was awesome but the photography at the end was what really caught my eye.

Not to mention your friend's mirth over her ticket.


StudioCherie said...

Randi, Thanks for popping in with great resources!
FishStikks, yes! Those photos at the end are amazing. I think especially the guy who looks right into the camera so intensely. These are people, people.

Jane Carlstrom said...

WoW. just wow! - will link this to my facebook too