Tuesday, September 15, 2009

After School Snack

The other day I made these jello parfaits and spead a blanket in the back yard for a little after school picnic with the kids. It was wonderful to stop working for a while, step outside the house, and relax with the kids, giving them my full attention and listening to them as they recounted their school day. It set a harmonic tone for the afternoon and evening, and was well worth the 15 minutes of prep and half an hour of break time. Gabrielle and I were so full from our treat that after the boys had wandered off, she and I lay on the blanket holding hands and staring at the sky. In that blissful state, we watched some baloons floating higher and higher and wondered, from where had they escaped?

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Midnightcoiler said...

These look so refreshing. Nice to take a little time for the really important things!