Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ask Yourself Questions

and answers are provided... Last night, Rory and I were at a dinner function with speakers and AV presentation, etc. During a break in the proceedings, I watched as one by one, the people at my table pulled out their blackberries and their iphones. Becoming absorbed in the little screens they peeled away and left me sitting alone. (I have to tell you Rory was not on his phone - he was connecting with live humans.) One man, a college student who hadn't strayed far or long from the table, came back and we had a meaningful conversation. One out of 10. I remembered attending similar functions 15 years ago at which an entire table full of people made live connections. It would have been considered rude to pull out your phone for no apparent reason and ignore the actual people in front of you. How did we get this way? What happened to people? Then the Storque posted this video and an opportunity to hear this speaker. Ah, some answers...

Life Inc. The Movie from Douglas Rushkoff on Vimeo.


Waterrose said...

That was pretty awesome. What I find interesting is that we may not know our neighbors, but twitter, social media allows us to begin to know people all around the world. It would be nice if that knowledge would help bring about an understanding and peace.

Ronnie said...

A complex issue I don't have a clue how to unravel.
Brain Dump:
Most Americans think they need MORE material possessions than they actually need. Work Work work. BUY BUY and buy even more.
Who convinced us of this? Hmmm.
The older I get the more urge and desire I have for a simpler life.
A few handmade items that bring me joy and utility (like a Cherie bag) are what I desire. Do you make flat screen TVs?
Happy New Year, Cherie! Thanks for the great blog that I would benefit from visiting more often.

StudioCherie said...

Rose, I wonder if some are twittering away their lives, maintaining virtual friendships at the expense of live ones?
Ronnie, I appreciate you. I have never been a collector of things, don't have a flat screen, no cable service, no blackberry, etc. Now that I have more artist friends though, I find myself thinking a lot about investing in their art. I think the idea that Mr. Rushkoff used with his restauranteur friend could be a good one for artists to use in times of budget crisis.

Valerie said...

This is a subject that literally leaves me speechless. We have found so many ways now to interact with everyone BUT the people right in front of us--and the saddest misuse of cell phones of all to me is a parent chatting away while their child sits right next to them...SAD!
(This being said-it's fun visiting with you online-lol!)

Anonymous said...

Off to watch it, but thank you for posting this. I find people rude and boring when it comes to their tech things.