Saturday, July 31, 2010

The thank you gift

The thank you gift
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This is my wonderful, creative daughter. Her special talent is the creation and personal delivery of special thank yous. On this occasion - a single fragrant rose, wild flowers and a turkey feather made a touching bouquet. You see, the little kitty who adopted us followed the kids to the library the other day, and she was not waiting for them when they came out. We already had a photo montage of the cat because she is just so beautiful and so loved - that was posted and carried door to door the next day. On the morning after the posting and door knocking - at 6:30AM - Diana called. Our cat had found refuge in her garden, hidden among the foliage near the bird feeder. Diana's thank you included a sweet kitten card I bought from LaurenBPhotography in which my daughter wrote, among other things, "sorry about the birds."


Splendid Little Stars said...

Oh, that's awesome! very creative! I'm glad your kitty has been found and is OK.

Waterrose said...

lovely...and what a sweetie!