Thursday, September 9, 2010

Monogrammed Keyring Coin Pouches

Some marketing ideas for those of you who have the zippered pouch pattern. I will not have time to do all of this myself, but I hope some of you go to town with it. I picture these as an impulse buy at a boutique register. If you have been wanting to offer wholesale to get into a brick and mortar shop you love, something small and simple might be the trick. As customers stand at the register, they see their initial and just have to buy it. The impulse price point will vary depending upon the boutique. I suggest you offer a 10 pack for the shop owner to try out the idea, and include a basket or some other container that coordinates with the shop decor.
These would also make great co-worker gifts. Never forget your parking meter change because it is on your keyring.
These are made from my zip pouches pattern. I omitted the snap pocket to simplify the cutting and sewing. The monograms are made separately and I can add them using fabric glue, after the customer has chosen the initial. A boutique would tell you up front what initials they want.


Unknown said...

very clever! how did you make the monogram... is it fabric?

Ronda said...

So cute! What a great idea. Do you happen to know what the most popular monogrammed letters are?

StudioCherie said...

Lisa, the monograms are embroidered on fabric. Then I glue the monogram to the bag since the bag is already finished before the monogram is chosen.