Thursday, June 2, 2011

Coffee Sleeves, yes please

Amber of SoniaBegonia1 has convinced me that these sleeves are a must have in the glove box. Check out this info I pulled from her Etsy bio:
"I also LOVE the thought of reducing my carbon footprint at the same time. How fun is it to get to do your part by "going green" and looking fashionable. Just imagine that an average commuter gets 5 coffee's a week x 52 weeks in a year (260 PER YEAR). Now think about the fact that most often that drink is being double cupped or a disposable sleeve put on it ... or worse yet BOTH. By simply reusing this coffee sleeve there is a significant beneficial impact to our environment.
** These sleeves are made with a layer of InsulBrite that helps keep your hands cool and your drinks warm."
Amber is making a quality product. By buying coffee sleeves from her, you are supporting a Spokane work at home mom. Here is the treasury Amber made for me last week - Thank you Amber!


Unknown said...

Yeah ♥ for Green!

Tracey said...

Great sleeves! Great Treasury! Nice work Amber!

Thanks for letting us know Cherie! :D