Sunday, June 26, 2011

Kids Fabric Design Contest

I read about the Spoonflower kids contest just in time to mention it to Gabrielle. She drew a few rough sketches of designs. Some featuring squirrels and the things they like - trees and nuts. Some stripes and geometric designs. She was asking me which idea would make a good fabric design. I suggested she just draw and color something she really loved to draw like she was making a picture for a friend. After that, we could figure out how to turn it into a fabric. I love what she did. You know I am going to order her flower in the field fabric. If you click on the contest to see all of the great kids entries, keep your mouse hovering around the green arrow to get the photos to show up. You can vote for as many as you like. Seeing kids designs reminds me to keep having fun and make what I love.


osovictoria said...

What great original designs! I tweeted the link to the site as well as your Etsy site, but mentioned it came from your blog. Thanks for sharing the post! Maybe I'll go put it in my Artfire Kids Guild Forums, I think other moms might enjoy it too!

Tracey said...

wow!! what a fantastic contest!! Gabrielle's design is great - so many of the designs are great!

Thanks for sharing :D