Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Thank you for the treasury love

I am sewing slip covers this week and next, but I wanted to pop in here and thank all of the lovely people who have helped me in the last week by promoting BrandybuckClothiers in their treasuries. I appreciate you!

This one by CreativityisMessy won the treasury challenge.

Isn't that full of manly goodness?

I have to say the above treasury was a close second for the challenge. I love so many things in it.

ZiBagz is one of my favorite curators to follow, I love that she included so many teammates in this one.

This treasury I found intriguing but ultimately disturbing. Fur hat = good - black eye = bad, really bad, infact, regretsy bad.

Another great guys collection with a lot of teammates used here. Great job!

White hot - love that idea!

Thank you Maggie, I think the linen theme is brilliant!

I think Lori and I must have similar taste in men. I love this collection. I guess that makes sense. She's got her Scottsman and I have my Irishman.

That one is from the nonteam and I love it!
Thank you everyone for helping get my new shop off the ground.

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