Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ways to win a free pattern right now

There are 2 ways you can win a free pattern from me right now. On Pattern Review, I am sponsoring the red dress contest. If you can make a red dress and post a pattern review before the end of this month, you will win your choice of any one of my patterns. I love Pattern Review. It is a great resource and community of sewists. Click on the contest link to see the lovely dresses that have already been entered. The last time I sponsored a contest there, I think we set some kind of record for participation. I love that I can give everyone who enters a prize. They deserve it! Check out some of the great bags the winners have made with their free patterns. This link goes to their StudioCherie pattern reviews.

The second way is to become a fan of StudioCherie on Facebook. Use the contact me button there to send me a message with your pattern choice. The 3 patterns to choose from are here in this photo album.

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