Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Be the Lucky Winner

Some sayings I believe. Check out those shops if you like inspirational word decor. I want to talk about it a little in the context of my life and work right now. My Kickstarter is off to a slower start than I imagined, and that had me down a little yesterday. Before ever launching the project, I envisioned it going out in the Kickstarter email and getting amazing support from all kinds of people. I never even considered what it would look like if Kickstarter did nothing to promote it and it was all up to me. If I had considered that, I would have built an email newsletter list. If you have a business but no email newsletter opt-in, change that now. You don't know when you will need it. Even if you have no newsletter to send out, start preparing your list of people who have given their permission for such a time as this. I have over 6500 people who have bought from me on Etsy and almost 1,000 on Craftsy. I could have a huge email list. By this time next year, I will have a huge email list. There are more projects coming - like maybe a book - and I will need to get the word out.
My friend Amber over at One Shabby Chick - a very popular sewing blog because she sews amazing stuff and shares it - is having a great giveaway. I want to link you to the giveaway, and say thanks to Amber. You can earn extra entries into the giveaway by pledging on my kickstarter, yay! The pledges are coming in. We love contests, don't we?
The Kickstarter project is not a contest for me. It's not like I am asking people to vote for something I made so I can have the honor of being the best. I am asking people to contribute toward the significant expansion of my business. And it's not simply a contribution. People who back my project are getting rewards equal to the full value of their pledge. I provide excellent products. I believe in the patterns and the sewn items I make. I use them myself.  I actually make tangible, valuable products.
Why do I want to expand? There are a few people in my neighborhood who would love to sew for me and get paid. They have things like insurance, groceries, and power bills. I had a business coaching session a while back in which the coach, Maria Marsala, encouraged me to think about the day when my business could help other people by providing jobs. I think it's time for that. My own family has needs that require a bigger business to fulfill them. I think the printed patterns and the sewing notions lines are the right way for me to expand right now. So don't vote for my project, back it! Encourage your friends who don't sew to back it. Facebook has been a great way to spread the word beyond our sewing circles. Just copy the link to the kickstarter page and paste it to your status on Facebook. Or after pledging, there should be a prompt on Kickstarter for you to share on Facebook too. You, my blog readers, are some of the most supportive and giving people I know. Many of you have already pledged support. Thank you! I wanted to put this out there in case there is a lesson in it for someone in the future.
Connect with me personally on Facebook and/or connect with my business page on Facebook. Join me, and let's rock this thing. I really want to show Kickstarter that this little sewing business can make it even without their newsletter.


calicodaisy said...

Congratulations! I meant to participate when you first posted, and then the idea completely left my mind. Just backed you up a little bit! Hope you have wild success. I already have several of your patterns and bought the Simplicity (?) patterns earlier this year. -- Michele

StudioCherie said...

Thank you so much Michele! I appreciate you.

Trish said...

Good luck Cherie! I just backed you and posted a little blurb on my blog :)

StudioCherie said...

Trish Thank you soooo much!