Monday, January 11, 2016

Better Sewing in 2016 Part 1

To get better at anything, you have to do it more, you have to practice. If one of your resolutions is to learn to sew or to improve your sewing skills this year, there are a couple of things I would recommend. First, quilting.  I am talking about cutting fabric apart and putting it back together: measuring, cutting, and sewing - you need to get good at these things if you want to make great things of any kind with your sewing machine. The skills you will improve by piecing quilts are accurate measuring, accurate cutting, sewing with accurate seam allowances, pressing, and overall attention to detail.  After the quilt top is pieced, you get to quilt it. The skills you will gain by quilting the quilt yourself are the ability to handle layers of fabrics and batting, planning, and patience. Please feel free to chime in if you feel I have left out one of the skills you have gained through quilting. I cannot recommend quilting highly enough as a way to get back into sewing if you have been out of it. I even asked the affiliate folks at Craftsy to create a link for me to promote their quilting kits. There are some amazing deals to get you back in the swing of things without having to go to the fabric store. I am talking under $30 to make a quilt! Check them out. And if you have fabrics already but need a class to help you improve those skills, here is a great one to get you going:
Easy Piecing - Amazing Design. I have a pieced quilt top that I haven't quilted yet, so I will be pouring over the many machine quilting classes to inspire me for that project. Here is one I am excited about, featuring 5 of the top quilting instructors in the country: Top Techniques for Big Quilts.
Keep in touch. I would love to see a picture of you, happily lounging on a quilt you made.

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