Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Better Sewing in 2016 Part 2

Sew clothing for yourself. Not only is this a great way to improve your sewing, it will hone other valuable skills.

Sewing has given me a deeper appreciation for what works for me. If I am spending the time to make something it better look great. There is a gal I found on Facebook who does workshops that really help to find your own personal style. I just did the free version of dressing your truth and discovered a lot about myself and why I feel better in certain fabrics, colors and patterns. I recommend you get very clear about your own style before spending money on fabric and patterns.
Once you know what to make, there is lots of help to be had at my favorite educational website, Craftsy, where I am an affiliate.  For the moto jacket I am wearing above, you need this class. It comes with the pattern. Janet Pray walks you though making a gorgeous lined jacket. I felt like I was in an in person class one-on-one with her. I am going to do her jeans jacket class too. She makes the cutest jackets! There are classes for just about everything you can think to sew. The dress I am wearing above is a hacked version of a Vogue vintage pattern 8728. I did a very short blog post about it with a couple more photos. If you want to know the details of the pattern hack, I can share that on my pattern hackers facebook page
If you have been out of the loop for a while and you want to start sewing again with something quick and easy, check this out. Craftsy has kits. You get the fabric and the pattern. Right now the prices are amazing. You won't believe it. I love the fabric quality, and there are lots of styles to choose from. Check it out.

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