Thursday, June 4, 2009

Team Up

This is my blue lovebirds pillow on Etsys front page. I am really happy that this item has been so well received. I think it has been in 5 or 6 treasuries in the past week. I love that combination of pale sky blue and dark chocolate brown. This is the first pillow listing in a series I am trying to finish, but the paying customers have to come first, and for the next week, that means slipcovering.

Being on teams has made all the difference for me on Etsy. This treasury was made by a very talented member of the Etsy Treasury Team, PJLaCasse.

Teams are great for exposure! If you are an Etsy seller, and you are not yet on a team, click here and find you one! I love the local team for meeting people in person. I love the treasury team for all I have learned about putting treasuries together and for the added exposure. I love the bag makers team for the fellowship with like minded creative people. Whatever you do, there are teams out there for you. Plan on being an active member of any team you join, both to give and to receive the benefits of membership.


always sunny said...

i fell in love with that pillow immediately! YAY FOR YOU HOO, way to make it to the front page, you rock star you!!!

Valerie Boersma said...

Way to go Cherie! I sure love our team!

elsie said...

Your pillow is yummy!

I love my team too CCCOE (california crafters club of etsy) I had a get together at my house in January and about 20 of us got together - it was lovely, but not as lovely as your pillow!

Sentimental Stones said...

Sooo pretty! That color combination is very soothing to me. Congrats for making the FRONT PAGE.