Monday, August 31, 2009

The Story of My Life

Umekoji dancers
Originally uploaded by MShades
Sometimes we have experiences that tell our story in a nutshell. When I was attending the University of Washington School of Drama, I auditioned for a musical. The director had a group of us lined up as in this photo for the dance portion of the audition. The music began and the choreographer directed. I found the group a bit constraining, so I stepped out of the line and asked the director if I could have a little more room. I was asked to leave. I guess I just have to be different. I still think I would have been great.


LunaMoonbeam said... coulda been great!

Hey...I was UW grad, too! School of Music and School of Speech Communication!

We Blog Artists said...

Well...I think it's great you spoke out...too many sheep and people with narrow mindedness on this Earth!
Good for you!
Have a great week.

StudioCherie said...

Did I say I graduated? Um, no. Good for you hanging in there Lolo. I finish what I start now, but I was not always that way.

Char, your comment is so funny because the production was Animal Farm and I was really hoping to be a sheep. The girls who got cast had actual sheep-like hair though -BIG and curly! I was more like a squirrel, and I don't think there were any squirrels in that show.

Splendid Little Stars said...

amusing story! So you're not a sheep. Squirrels are cool-- run through trees high above the ground, can balance on thin wires, and some can even fly.