Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How I spent yesterday afternoon

At Heartbeat Quilting. My daughter came with me and was extremely helpful. (She inspired the silly pose...or maybe I should blame it on my ponytail...Note to self - do NOT pose as a little teapot, you will not like the results...Note to self - check left boob for thread - Oh, I have some there now...) I wanted a picture of both of us, but we worked until closing time. My goal in the New Year is to have duffles ready to ship and not do as many made to order. (Honestly, I didn't even decorate my own Christmas tree this year because I was too busy sewing duffles. I vow not to repeat that next year.) Of the six I quilted yesterday, three are already sold. I can hardly wait to show up at the quilt shop with an actual quilt instead of duffles - I do have a great one in the works...better get back to it now.


Rebekah said...

you're so cute, teapot pose and all :) I hope you're getting a break now, sounds like you were working a lot!

Valerie Boersma said...

Do you have a license to operate that thing?
Bits of thread, interfacing, fabric scraps -my favorite fashion accessories, BUT-I'm not daring enough to wear them in such a risque manner;)