Monday, April 12, 2010

New in Town

I got a message last week from Lauren who is new in town. She had just joined Etsy to sell her photography and also joined the Eastern Washington Etsy Street Team to get plugged in to how things work. She was curious about how to make a treasury. Leanna of TeezLoueez gave her all the info she needed, Lauren got her first treasury, and it was featured on Etsy's home page this morning. I wondered why I woke up to so many sales of that particular pattern. Thank you Lauren! She very talented, check out her photography shop here. If you are new to Etsy, please find a team to join. It will help you tremendously.


Ruhammie said...

Thanks for such a great suggestion. I suppose I could join the team too, but I just don't get enough product into my shop...I'm not a fast/steady crafter. I'm glad you mentioned it though, I will keep that in mind for the future. I really enjoy your Etsy tips, they are very helpful!

always sunny said...

congrats!! looks wonderful.

{postscripted} designs said...

that's so fabulous! so proud of the team- and so impressed that Lauren's first treasury made it to the front page!