Friday, April 30, 2010

Buttercuppity is a dangerous place

Sunny Sunglasses Case
Originally uploaded by studiocherie
I went in for some fabric for a custom duffle that just got ordered. I came out with fabric for new sunglass cases too. At least this time I had a reason for buying the fabric and I actually used it right away. I have a stack of folded fabric about 2 feet high, all impulse buys. If you can believe it, I sew even more in my head than I do on my machines. Oh, I just found out I am in the Etsy voter this week. If you could vote for my weekend in wine country duffle, I would appreciate it. If anyone has an actual weekend in wine country to give away, I'd like that even better!


SpringColors said...

I hear you sister, as one impulse buyer to another. Its a good thing that stacks of beads take much smaller space that fabric

Ariadne said...

:) Heeeheheheheh! Thank you so much!!! :)