Thursday, April 29, 2010

She handed me my camera,

I looked down at it. A gigantic M was staring me in the face. She had put my camera on the manual setting! What was she thinking? When she said, I will show you guys how to work with your cameras, I thought no thanks. I am doing fine. Set it on automatic, point, shoot. If the colors or lighting aren't quite right, I can always touch it up in photoshop. To tell you the truth, I was intimidated by that M. I really wanted to just switch it back to auto, but when I looked at the preview screen and compared the auto to the manual and played with the manual settings, I was hooked. This shot was taken inside obviously. On the auto setting, my camera wanted to flash (and ruin the photo.) With the manual settings, I was able to take advantage of the light, even though my subject was seriously backlit. Doing it right to begin with is going to save me a lot of time in post shoot processing too. I only had to crop and resize it. Thank you Lauren! Check out her photography shop on Etsy. She's got 2 Jones Soda bottles to her credit and has just started to offer photo greeting cards - I bought a five pack of kittens. You never know when you might need to say it with a kitten.

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{postscripted} designs said...

love the new duffel Cherie! Lauren's photos are so wonderful, and so is she!