Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Involuntary Accupuncture

Lacework Duffle
Originally uploaded by studiocherie
Finishing up this bag today, I nicked my wrist slightly with the point of my scissors. Irritating. My skin is so tough now, I don't even bleed hardly ever at all on the stuff I make. (I should use that in my product descriptions shouldn't I?) No blood was shed in the making of this item...Later on, I grabbed the fabric right on a pin and pricked the center of my thumb - I mean I GRABBED and the pin STUCK ME. I felt an electrical impulse go straight from the prick to my medula oblongata and something inside me was released. Thank you doctor, that's just what I needed. Involuntary accupuncture. Man, that was good.


Randi said...

Owie! I can suffer glue gun burns like a champ but I hate being pricked with a pin or needle- especially under the nail. Yeeeouch!

StudioCherie said...

It was actually right in the middle of my thumbprint. I have very interesting fingerprints by the way. A lot of involuntary accupunture through the years.