Friday, May 7, 2010

New Pattern cover shot

New Pattern cover shot
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Figured I better post here that the clutch and cases pattern is updated. I have it on my to-do list to email everyone who has purchased this pattern and offer the new one for the price difference of $3. It is a little ways down on the list though... Maybe some of you will see it here. What is new? You can now print all three sizes at home - no enlarging. I have also updated the instructions to be the most current way I am making these which is easier and faster than the original - I like the results better too. I added some notes on fabric choice too. If you have already purchased the pattern, and you want the updated copy, just paypal me $3 with a note that it is for the updated clutch and cases pattern, and I will get it right off to you. If you have not purchased yet, the updated pattern is now the only clutch and case pattern in my shop - it's $9.99. These are fun to make and so useful!


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Those are so stinking adorable! Great shot.