Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sneek Peek

Sneek Peek
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I was born in the Spring - but it wasn't last Spring... Every year around this time, I get a balled up feeling in my soul, like something is ready to burst forth. At the oddest moments I want to run and run. I have a lot of dreams about running and flying and of rivers and roads. This year, I am going to attempt to harness some of that energy and put it into a new online shop. If all goes well, I will be posting a new Etsy shop, maybe even in April in time for my 3rd Etsyversary - thats my goal anyway. Clothing and accessories. I can't say the name, some surprises have to wait.


osovictoria said...

Sounds great putting together another esty shop! I have two, one I haven't stocked because I don't want to use the name anymore, I want to come up with a name that will speak about custom made clothing, jewelry, and home decor, but can't think of one. Names are difficult, can't wait to hear the name of your new shop!

Valerie Boersma said...

I can't wait either, Cherie!

I gave you a little mention on my blog-go take a peek:)