Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New bags on new chairs

New bags on new chairs
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Yes, I have been sewing and writing my brains out. 6 slipcovers for my own kitchen chairs from my tutorial - although these took 1.5 yards each so they must be 1.5 yard wonders. Releasing the pattern for this bag this week for sure - almost there. Squeezed in a sewing lesson for Gabrielle too. She made her own sunglasses case from my pattern. I have to say that is a really great pattern for beginners or anyone who wants to make a cool case. Which reminds Simplicity pattern is out. Look at the first page of accessories in the Spring catalog - that's me. If you want to make them like I do though, you need the PDF version. That is all I am going to say about that.
The thing about making new slipcovers is now I need a new table cloth and napkins and new curtains and a new rug - oops! Not to mention new table ware. Where is my fairygodmother when I need her? Opinions please: I have 2 of each of these chairs around my table, white tablecloth would be gorgeous but impractical for my messy eaters. Maybe I need to have a look at the Free Spirit laminates. I wonder if there is one that would pull these together nicely?


Valerie Boersma said...

This bag is so cute-I love your designs! I sewed through my finger today (size 16 needle) so I get the day off:)

StudioCherie said...

Oh, Valerie. Hugs. hope it heals quickly. Boo