Monday, September 26, 2011

Spokane River

Spokane River
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I picked up a batch of fabric for boot socks, made mock up sock tops (because I make each pair of socks to size) and loaded up the photo gear and Rory. We are so blessed to live near the Spokane river. As you can see it is a picturesque location for us frequently. Four or five kayakers went by in the middle of our shoot (one of them upside down - which scared me, but she was smiling as she rolled out of it.) Rory got really excited when this one guy came back upriver to play in the current. Thank you kayak man! Thank you Rory. Click on the photo to see the other fabric choices and boots in my Flickr photostream.


M Dawson said...

That's an amazing picture, it's perfect to show the sock tops and you get action man behind!

Tracey said...

Fantastic pic!! clicking on it doesn't give the listing link though, just thought you should know :D