Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Meet the Team

Inland NW Etsy Team Holiday Show from Brian Chace on Vimeo.
This video is my quick (30 seconds each) take on 20 of my teammates on the Inland Northwest Etsy team. It's about discovering new talent, which I think is one of Etsy's strong suits in the online marketplace. Developing talent. Belonging to a team. If you have an Etsy shop, but you are not on a team, I hope this video moves you toward finding one. If you would like to check out their shops, here they are in the order of appearance on the video:


Anonymous said...

Fun to see the video with my team mates! Thanks for sharing Cherie!

Pamela Petry said...

I can't believe it's finally up. This is a great way to show some of our oh, so talented team members! Thanks for all your hard work.

CheyneSews said...

LOVE the video but I think I love your enthusiasm for your teammates even more. You are a true inspiration!