Saturday, January 21, 2012

Weddings made beautiful with help from friends

One of the things I love about the Etsy wedding stories is how many times friends help to craft a truly special day. I wanted to share this message from Devin who recently made 120 luggage tags for her friend's wedding.
Hi Cherie,
I purchased your luggage tags pattern in August with the intention of making about 120 of them the hold the escort cards for a friend's "french/vintage-travel" themed wedding. Well, it was a success! The bride found some absolutely PERFECT fabric and we had a couple days of assembly-line style cutting an ironing before I got to the sewing. A ton of fun! Wedding guests loved them.

Another thing that Devin did which I thought was noteworthy - she punched the holes 3 at a time using a 3 hole punch! Very clever. Here is a link to the hole punch she used. Thanks for the note and the photos Devin. Your tags turned out gorgeous.


Victoria said...

I was going to hit the like button, but then I realized blogs don't have one, so I am leaving a comment. What a great idea and it sure does pay to have friends ;)

StudioCherie said...

Thanks Victoria. Actually, at the very top of the blog in the right column, there is a share button for Facebook so that is kind of like a "like" button. I appreciate the comment!

Devin said...

Thank you, Cherie, for posting about our wonderful project and for your lovely pattern and help through email! We had such a fun time working on these.