Sunday, January 4, 2015

Ironing Board Cover Free Tutorial

I know there are other free tutorials out there for this project. As usual, I have not looked at any of them, but I would bet mine is better. : ) It is not a cat perch, but an ironing board cover. Here is the link to the ironing board cover tutorial. Let me know if you have questions and do share your fun photos at Flickr.
That is a corner of my new home sewing studio. I love it. It lets me be more available to the kids. I didn't realize how much they missed me in the 6 months I had my studio out of the house. It takes the entire family room and the office, so it's a commitment for all of us. There go my plans for downsizing in order to save for travel. I will just have to up my productivity instead. My goals include a really big trip for me and my 3 kids by this time next year.
Have you written your sewing manifesto? Mine is posted on my bulletin board above my computer. It keeps me motivated. Feel free to save or print mine and use it yourself. If you want to share, please share the link to this blog.
The front pack is what I am sewing and writing up right now. If you are an email update subscriber, you got this news yesterday. Email subscription is just to the right toward the top of the blog.
Tomorrow is the launch of my new Craftsy class - Custom-Fit Slipcovers: the Wingback Chair. It was fun to make and I think it is really concise and fun to take at the same time. I will post about it again after the launch.

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