Monday, January 5, 2015

Wingback Slipcovering Class on Video

There is nothing more elegant than a slipcovered wingback chair. Traditionally, you will see these in linen which is gorgeous. For this class, we chose to use Mattelasse, which is super thick and cozy, like you will want for your couch. We did it this way to give you all the skills you need to do all of the slipcovering projects you have. Here is how we make a Craftsy class:
1. (Usually a couple months before the actual shoot) At my studio, I prepare the lessons and talk on the phone with my producer a lot. Meanwhile in Denver, my producer envisions every camera angle and necessary detail, making copious notes.
2. (Usually the week before the shoot) I send all of the teaching materials to Denver, so they will be there for me when I arrive.
In the case of this class, I flew to Denver a couple of days early and made 2 and a half slip covers for the Craigslist chair shown in the class. One complete cover and one with lots of extra pieces for teaching.
3. We spend 3 days shooting the class with a professional producer, professional photographer, and professional switcher, not to mention the always helpful and professional production assistant. Needless to say, production values are very high and we take the time to capture every relevant detail.
4. After I have gone home, Craftsy does their post production magic to make the class work seamlessly in the amazing platform they have created. You can ask me questions as you go along and watch the class as many times as you like whenever you like. You can send me photos and we can talk through the particulars of your project.
This class is so good, you are guaranteed to love it! For my blog readers, here is the half price link:
Wingback Slipcover Class.
Big thanks and much love to my amazing professional crew: Lorie Hirose, Brandon Cox, Caleb Shives, and Katie (not pictured)

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