Saturday, January 24, 2015

Next up, the infinity cardigan

I should call it the infinigan sweater. I have 2 lovely models waiting for their sweaters made of 2 lovely fabrics I bought at Girl Charlie, but I thought I should make another one for myself first to solidify the pattern. I am glad I did. This is vastly different from my free tutorial version. The tutorial gives you an idea of how my thought process works, but the pattern will be a fully realized sewing pattern that has pattern pieces and instructions and sizes.
This infinigan fits me, so it's pretty baggy on my model sized dress form.
The 3 fabrics shown came in a bundle from Marcy Tilton. It's the Chloe bundle. There is enough fabric left over for me to make a tank top for under the infinigan in the sleeve fabric. When I get that done, I will model it for you. Watch for the pattern release as soon as I can coordinate with my models - I am shooting for the end of this month.

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