Thursday, February 26, 2009


According to the random number generator, Elsiee is the winner of my first giveaway. Thank you to all who gave input. By the way, I did get into the gift guide right away with the Amy Butler fabric changing pad bag - the product, not the pattern and in the travel gift guide, not the baby. So it's all good, and the response was so varied as to which photo to use, that I am using them all! I really want to stay away from talking about my products on this blog, so I appreciate your indulgence with this little project. Now we will resume our regular programming. I can't wait to see what Elsiee picks for her prize!


always sunny said... TO KNOW. thank you! it was nice to see you in my little dungeon last week.:)

is is ok to attend a birthday party looking that hot?!

StudioCherie said...

I had just come from a lunch with some friends of Rory's from China, so since Rory is always dressed to the nines, I wanted to look like we belong together. It did raise some eyebrows at the party. Your compliment made my day!