Thursday, February 12, 2009

Aircraft Carrier Part One

If you saw Cabin Fever Decorating, you saw the aircraft carrier. I called it "this boring couch." I think StitchinDye's pillow pictured in that post (which sold immediately by the way) was better than mine, but I am using up my scraps for this project, and had to work with what was on hand. Also she used 16 circles, and I am not that ambitious. The aircraft carrier has 9 pillows in back. There is no way I will have the entire couch done in time for the contest at apartment therapy, but they did get me motivated to start. I've left it around and Rory has not said anything about it. I think that means he's going to absolutely freak out when he comes home one fine summer day to find the entire aircraft carrier transformed into a bohemian love boat. Let's see if I can find some artwork equal to the pillow...

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