Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lunch and Marketing

I didn't want to make you drool too much over my sandwich, so I kept the photo small, but was it ever good! Rory came home with this sourdough rye bread that a coworker brought back from Seattle for him. She picked it up at the PCC. I laughed, remembering how I used to hear that there was no good pizza outside of New York. And now I get to hear how there is no good sourdough outside of Seattle. So there were 3 things Rory liked about Seattle, sourdough, salt water, and me. I think I'm in pretty good company there. I don't think he'll ever say there's no good _____ outside of Spokane. Can any of you fill in the blank? All I can think of is potholes, dirt roads, and loooong winters. I do love hiking here, but I would rather be on a salt water beach any day.

So the artisianal bread made me think of Etsy's marketing trends for Spring. I did a post on that for the team yesterday. I also included a very brief photo tip tutorial thingy. If you are an Etsian, you might enjoy the links in that post and even learn something, which is good for your brain.


Randi said...

Not big on the sandwich myself but I am very interested in that plate. It looks like a giant white porcelain Ruffle's potato chip. :)
I'm sure there are impressive potholes outside of Spokane, but it is a good one. Sadly, I've lived here all my life and there isn't a good noun I can think of to fill in the blank. I'll be interested to see what others have to say.

StudioCherie said...

The plate is from Uwajimaya in Seattle. Now I have 4 things on Rory's Seattle list!

Aunt LoLo said...

I split my childhood between Spokane and Seattle...and Spokane has the BEST Pnderosa pines (the trunks smell like vanilla in the summer!) and I LOVED Wolfies and Longhorn!!!

Oh, and the best elementary in the world - Orchard Prairie!!!

Fashionably Adorned said...

Hi there,
had a sandwich that resembled that one myself today.. no sourdough though :( which I love....I grew up in the San Juan Islands past seattle so I miss the rain and the saltwater air... you reminded me of that today and now Im homesick.. guess I better watch Practical Magic... that's my go to movie when I'm homesick b/c it was filmed in Friday Harbor my hometown!! (the town scenes were filmed in coupeville I think)

have a nice evening